What We Do

We are Educators, Coaches and Consultants. We work with organizations – their management and employees – and individuals to amplify impact, results and performance.

We provide workplace performance and life possibilities workshops, life and CEO coaching, and expert business consulting. Our approach is to teach and coach you as a manager, employee or individual in how to discover and play to your strengths, and how to build your work and life worlds around what you do best. This is the source of your greatest performance and happiness.
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Our Unique Approach

The success of our work is best explained through this powerful quote by American writer and theologian Frederick Buechner, “Your vocation in life is where your greatest joy meets the world’s greatest need.”

The more aware we are of our personal unique abilities, and competitive advantage as an organization, the wise choices we make in life and in the workplace. Clarity about abilities allows us to search through our world for the applications that align to our abilities – this creates our greatest impact.
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Meet Our Team

Meet our Team
Jay Forte
Bob Keimer
Seth Hyman

Meet Our Brands

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